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The Definitive Angle

The Definitive Angle: NWSL Week 10

The Definitive Angle is PRO’s analysis of the week’s Video Review use in NWSL.

Week 10 overview
There were two Video Reviews during Week 10.

BAY vs NJY: No penalty

What happened: After review, there was no pushing offense by Bay #3 [Caprice Dydasco] on Gotham #9 [Esther González] inside the penalty area.

The final decision was no penalty. Play restarted with a throw in [to NJ/NY Gotham].

Length of review: 2:15

PRO’s opinion: While Dydasco (BAY) made contact on González (NJY) with both hands, it did not impact the attacker’s ability to play the ball. The referee felt that the amount of contact was not enough to award a penalty and maintained her original decision. This was an unnecessary review.

UTA vs KC: No penalty

What happened: After review, Utah #5’s [Lauren Flynn] arm was in a natural position for how she was defending the header by Kansas City #6 [Temwa Chawinga]. There was no deliberate movement of the arm toward the ball.

The final decision was there was no handball offense. Play restarted with a goal kick [to Utah Royals].

Length of Review: 3:05

PRO’s opinion: The ball first hit Flynn’s (UTA) right hand, which was inside her silhouette, and then her face before changing direction and deflecting to her left forearm, which was natural for how she was positioned and there was no secondary motion. The referee was correct in maintaining her original decision. This was an unnecessary review.

Please note: These videos do not contain audio. They are a recording of the screen as viewed by the VAR in real-time.

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