Thursday, September 28, 2023


This season we will be running a regular ‘Ask PRO’ feature on to help expand your knowledge of the game and the work of PRO.

Whether you are an aspiring referee looking for guidance around an area of law, a fan who has seen a decision unfold around a play for the first time, or a journalist seeking clarification on the decision-making process officials go through; providing your question is constructed in the right way, we would be happy to hear from you.

We can’t promise we’ll answer everything due to resource constraints. However, we will do our best to cover the main topics over the forthcoming months.

Questions will be collated periodically and a member of the PRO team will respond, via the website.

“We’re hoping this opportunity to put your questions to us will benefit regular readers of the website,” explained PRO General Manager Howard Webb.

“Play of the Week has proved a popular part of the website in recent years but after much consideration, we’ve decided it was time for a change. We are aiming to deliver a feature that is more interactive, educational and engaging.

“Rather than just focus on one topic every week, when some weeks there are several best practice examples and other times there might not be anything of significance that happens, we would like to receive questions from those wanting to enjoy a better understanding of the Laws of the Game and the role of officials, and we look forward to hearing from you.”

Questions can be sent in via social media using the #AskPRO hashtag or to emailed to

Please note we can’t respond to everything directly and won’t be reviewing any questions that contain inappropriate language. We will, however, aim to cover a variety of subjects, based on your comments.

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