Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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AR Review: Week 11

Week 11 was pretty much at standard level all around, with nothing really unusual happening to PRO assistant referees. In fact, it was difficult to find any really good clips this week to use for education and development. Yes, Kevin Klinger did call back two goals for offside in the same half, that’s unusual, but they were in the way offside category. But really, overall another standard level week for ARs.

As we try to improve in assisting in match control and identifying whether there is misconduct, we present one clip where there is a tackle in front of the assistant. What action should you take? What information do you need to provide the referee? What is the correct outcome?

A breakdown in teamwork (all 4 officials) is presented as a reminder that you must stay current with law and correct application.
Of course, Call of the Week #11, because every week there is always several ARs who are above standard.

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