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Football Betting in 2024: A Beginner’s Guide

As autumn arrives, the football betting season kicks off, marking a bustling period for sportsbooks over the next four months. For those stepping into the betting scene, we’ve got you covered. We’re about to embark on a comprehensive journey into football betting strategies, including insights on online betting and more, offering valuable information for both newcomers and seasoned bettors.

How Does Football Betting Work?

Grasping the game’s fundamentals is crucial for securing victories in football betting. By familiarizing yourself with the various aspects that contribute to a team or player’s success, you can place more informed bets. The best casinos in Norway for sports betting can be found on Norgecasinohub, which provides comprehensive guides and tips. Knowing the different betting options available, which we’ll explore in detail, can significantly enhance your betting strategy. Even for those who have never caught a football game, the sport is straightforward to understand, allowing you to quickly get up to speed and begin betting with confidence.

Football Betting Types

Before diving in, it’s important to review your options and understand how to engage in football betting online. The leading online sportsbooks offer a wide array of betting choices, making it essential to identify which types of bets align most closely with your personal betting preferences.

Straight Bets / Moneyline Bets

This bet involves selecting the victor of the football match, with oddsmakers considering each team’s strengths and weaknesses before setting the moneyline odds for the outcome. For instance, if BetOnline lists the Jacksonville Jaguars at +133 against the New Orleans Saints, a $100 bet on the Jaguars would yield a $133 payout if they win. Conversely, betting on the Saints might require a $153 wager to win $100, indicating they’re the underdog. The lower potential payout for the Jaguars suggests the bookmakers favor them to win the game.

Point Spreads

Understanding the concept of the point spread is crucial, not just in football but across various sports. It involves bookmakers giving a disadvantage to the stronger team and an advantage to the underdog to balance the odds for each game. This leads to equal betting odds for both teams in terms of covering the spread.

Take, for example, a future match between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New Orleans Saints. If the Jaguars are favored by +3 points, placing a bet on them against the spread means you believe they will win by more than three points. On the other hand, betting on the Saints suggests you predict they will either win the game outright or lose by fewer than three points. When placing bets on football, the key point spread figures to watch are three and seven, followed by ten as the next significant number.

First-Half/Halftime Bets

This principle can be relevant for both moneyline and point spread wagers and applies to different segments of the game, including quarters or halves.

Over/Under / Total

This bet concerns the total points that both teams are expected to accumulate in a football match. For example, if your prediction is that the teams will collectively score more than 47 points, you might place a bet on the total going over 46.5.

Conversely, if you anticipate that the combined score will not exceed this threshold, you could opt for a bet on the total staying under 46.5. Certain betting platforms provide alternative total points options, offering different over/under figures higher or lower than the main total, each with varying odds. Furthermore, you have the option to bet on the over/under for the total points scored within a specific half or quarter, similar to making straight bets and point spread wagers.


A parlay consolidates bets on multiple football matches into one. For example, if you bet on Arizona State, Kansas State, and Akron all to beat the spread, the parlay is only successful if each choice proves correct. The winnings from each correct pick, or “leg,” roll into the next, boosting your total potential earnings.

Parlays represent a high-risk betting strategy with the allure of substantial rewards, as they can lead to significant windfalls. Typically, the more legs you include in your parlay, the higher both the potential payout and the risk become.

Unified Game Parlays / Single Match Combo Bets

As suggested by its name, this type of wager enables you to place bets on several different outcomes within the same match. For instance, you might place bets on player prop bets alongside the point spread or moneyline bets for that same encounter.


Teasers allow you to adjust the point spread or total by set increments of 6.5 points, but they require bets on two different games. For example, if the Nebraska Cornhuskers start with a spread of -6.5 against the Kansas Jayhawks, using a teaser can bring this to an even matchup. You must then choose a second team from a different game, shifting the spread by 6.5 points in your preferred direction. To win the teaser bet, you must accurately predict the outcomes of both games involved.

Live Bet

As soon as the game starts, live betting springs into action. Digital sportsbooks situated offshore dynamically modify odds across different betting landscapes — be it the moneyline, totals (over/under), point spreads, alternate lines, or proposition bets — to reflect the ongoing score, the rhythm of the match, and initial betting conditions. Bettors are frequently presented with chances to keep placing wagers on these options, all the way up to the final whistle of regular play or until the end of any extra time periods.

Futures Wager

A futures wager is made before the football season kicks off and stays in play until its conclusion. This type of bet hinges on forecasting significant events, like identifying the team that will emerge victorious in the championship, clinch its division crown, or triumph in its conference. It also encompasses bets on individual achievements within the season, including who will be honored as the NFL MVP or claim the Heisman Trophy in college football. Thanks to the broadening reach of sportsbooks nationwide, punters now enjoy a vast array of betting possibilities, enriched with varied odds and choices.

Mastering Live Football Betting: A Guide

Year by year, live betting is capturing more attention, allowing participants to place wagers on matches already in progress, a practice also referred to as in-game betting. For those scouting for these opportunities at an online sportsbook, these bets are often spotlighted on the home page, especially if it’s a significant game taking place. Moreover, there are designated areas for live in-game betting, typically placed prominently at the top of the site, near promotions and other major banner features.

Strategic Advice for Football Wagering Success

When deciding to place a bet on college football, numerous aspects should be evaluated. Just like any investment of your hard-earned, post-tax income, making an informed choice is crucial. Generally, the most thoroughly prepared bettors tend to secure the most wins, as is true with many endeavors.

Expert Strategies for College Football Betting

When engaging in betting on college football or any sport, it’s imperative to meticulously evaluate every aspect of placing real money bets. Similar to undertaking any venture, your level of preparation directly influences your chances of success. Let’s delve into a few key considerations for making informed bets on college football.

1. Scouting the Top College Football Futures Bets

Before the season starts or during the intervals between weeks, college football futures present a chance to capitalize on potential oversights in a sportsbook’s predictions. With the expansion of legal sports betting across the US, which appears to be growing monthly, there are numerous places to place bets. Due to competitive differences, sportsbooks often offer distinct odds on teams. This disparity is especially noticeable in college football futures, where different outlets might list completely different odds. For sustained success, it’s crucial to scout for the best odds across various sportsbooks, making it advantageous to maintain accounts with multiple betting platforms.

2. Focusing on the Impact of Coaching Staffs

While quarterbacks and defenses might clinch you individual victories, it’s the coaching staffs that often underpin long-term success. Coaches who maintain their positions tend to lead their teams to victory repeatedly. Before you place a bet on an NCAAF game, it’s critical to delve into the coaching staff’s history and performance. This research can reveal patterns of success and provide insights into future game outcomes.

3. Comprehensive Analysis of the Season’s Schedule

Evaluating a team’s future performance, particularly in the context of college football futures and win totals betting, demands a close look at their schedule. The chances of a team encountering a defeat rise sharply when they go up against elite rivals in back-to-back weeks, making the recognition of such scheduling trends essential. Furthermore, the positioning of their bye week could significantly impact their performance; teams getting a break before a significant game often benefit from additional rest. The game venue is also a critical factor, as home-field advantage and the challenges of playing away, especially against conference foes that take turns hosting annually, can sway the results.

4. Utilizing High School Ranking Sites for Insight

Taking into account a player’s reputation coming out of high school is wise, especially for teams with a youthful roster and in light of the transfer portal’s impact before players take to the field. Athletes who were rated as five-star recruits often make a swift and significant impact, especially in key positions like quarterback and linebacker. This factor becomes increasingly important for formulating your betting strategy early in the season, when there’s limited performance data available.

5. Choosing a Niche Conference to Specialize In

In the realm of college football betting, powerhouses from prestigious conferences, including SEC contenders like Florida, and ACC favorites like Florida State, typically capture most of the attention. Yet, the hidden gems and true betting value often reside beyond these well-lit stages. Shifting focus to lesser-known leagues, such as the Mountain West or the Mid-American Conference (MAC), where teams don’t enjoy the same level of national fame, could yield greater rewards. It’s within these under-the-radar environments that meticulous research can offer a significant advantage. The most enticing prospects for college football futures often come from the Group of Five teams, including the likes of Toledo, Western Kentucky, and Florida International, among others.

Strategies for Successful NFL Football Betting

1. Beyond Luck: Building a Winning Strategy

As much as fans might wish for it, achieving flawless football in every game of the season is unrealistic. The outcomes of matches are influenced by numerous factors, such as player injuries, adverse weather conditions, potential referee bias, and more. Staying informed about these developments is your best approach. To keep abreast of the situation, consider reading football news and local blogs, checking weather forecasts, and following team beat writers on social media platforms like Twitter in the days and hours leading up to the game.

2. The Advantage of Multiple Sportsbook Accounts

Opening multiple accounts with different football betting sportsbooks is a strategic approach to ensure you’re getting the best odds for your bets. Having several betting accounts offers numerous advantages, such as the ability to compare and secure the highest payouts, access to a wider variety of bet options, and more opportunities to experiment with diverse betting strategies. However, it’s essential to monitor your budget carefully when employing this method to maintain financial discipline.

3.Effective Bankroll Management Techniques

Armed with top football betting strategies and poised to start wagering seriously, it’s imperative to establish and adhere to a budget, managing your bankroll wisely. Monitoring all your bets, including their outcomes, allows you to make informed adjustments based on your betting history.

When funding your preferred sportsbook account, ensure the deposit is an amount you’re prepared to part with. Despite the allure of “monster” bets that exceed typical wager sizes, maintaining consistency in your bet sizes is advisable. Steer clear of social media betting influencers who advocate for reckless betting; surprisingly, many of them don’t place bets themselves, making this approach particularly hazardous.

4. The Importance of Objective Team Selection

Being a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers enthusiast, my loyalty inevitably leans towards them in every game. Ideally, watching your beloved football team sweep through the season undefeated would be a dream come true. However, such scenarios are rare, making it unwise to rely solely on betting on your favorite team to generate extra income.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with backing your favorite squad with a wager. It adds an enjoyable dimension to real money football betting. The key caution is to avoid putting all your bets on them, banking on significant returns. Diversifying your betting strategy beyond just your team preference is a smarter approach to sports betting.

5. Developing a Solid Betting Plan

Just like any venture involving your time and financial resources, it’s crucial to approach it with a strategy. Having a clear rationale behind your bets is important, as there’s the real risk of financial loss involved. Remember, there’s no obligation to bet on football games just because they’re broadcasted. Exercise patience, choose your opportunities wisely, and place bets only when you perceive genuine value.

Comparing College Football Betting with NFL Wagering

Betting on the NFL and college football presents distinct challenges, largely due to differences in league size, scoring trends, and the availability of information.

The NFL comprises 32 teams, resulting in 16 games each weekend. Contrastingly, the NCAA Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision boasts 130 teams, leading to over 60 college football games involving FBS schools each week. This vast difference in scale introduces unique complexities, including varied skill levels and player motivations. For example, a team like Georgia may have nearly all starters aiming for the NFL, while a team like Miami Ohio might have only a couple of players with professional prospects. Yet, these teams could still compete against each other.

In the NFL, where talent levels are more uniform, scoring above 30 points in a game is less common. Conversely, top college football teams often exceed 40 points per game, reflecting a wider range of scoring outcomes.

Information accessibility also varies significantly. The NFL benefits from numerous reporters covering each team daily, ensuring widespread information on team dynamics. In college football, smaller teams might only have a couple of dedicated beat writers, making social media a crucial source for updates that might not be immediately obvious to oddsmakers, especially concerning last-minute injuries.

Moreover, the NFL mandates stringent injury reporting, with non-compliance leading to heavy fines. This level of transparency is absent in college football, where information often comes from unpaid freelancers.

This disparity in information results in NFL betting lines being crafted with greater precision and “sharpness” compared to college football lines. The substantial betting volume and stakes associated with NFL games further pressure oddsmakers to avoid inaccuracies in their spreads.

A Guide to Online Football Betting

Top football betting platforms in the country, including BetMGM, FanDuel, and BetRivers, aim to remove any hurdles for new users. Consequently, they offer straightforward and rapid sign-up processes, allowing you to commence betting without delay. Let’s explore the steps to set up an account with FanDuel.

1. Creating Your Betting Account

To begin, make your way to the homepage of BetOnline and proceed to the sportsbook section. Upon entering the website, you’ll be greeted with an array of introductory offers prominently displayed. To sign up, click on the ‘Join’ button located in the top right corner to access the registration form. You will need to provide your email address, choose a username, and set a password before clicking on ‘Create Account’. Agree to the site’s terms and conditions and complete the registration process by filling out the necessary information.

2. Funding Your Betting Account

Navigate to the cashier section and select the option to deposit funds. This is also the moment to take advantage of the welcome bonus offer. Pick your preferred payment option, input any promotional codes you have, specify the amount you wish to deposit, and adhere to the on-screen instructions to finalize your payment.

3. Choosing Your Bet and Stake

Now that your account is funded, and you may have some bonus credits, you’re ready to place your first football wager. Having learned the basics of betting on football, proceed to either the NCAAF or NFL sections located at the top of the website. Select the specific game and type of bet you’re interested in. Once chosen, your selection will show up on the right side of the screen in your Bet Slip.

5. Executing Your Bet

After adding your selection to the bet slip, you’re at the step where you decide the amount you’re willing to risk and confirm your bet. Entering a stake in the ‘Risk’ field automatically calculates your potential returns in the ‘To Win’ field according to the predefined odds, and vice versa. When you’ve adjusted your bet to your satisfaction, finalize it by clicking the green button located at the bottom of the bet slip.

Varieties of Football Leagues

Armed with a few strategies and insights on how to secure a win in football betting, you’re all set to dive into the action. But remember, the opportunity to bet extends beyond the NFL. Let’s explore various leagues where you can apply your newfound football betting strategies and begin your journey.

National Football League (NFL)

Undoubtedly the pinnacle of football betting, the NFL stands unparalleled in terms of the sheer amount of bets it garners annually. With its roster of 32 teams showcasing the finest football talent globally, the NFL season starts its gears with training camps in July, quickly followed by three preseason matches. The regular season takes off just after Labor Day, stretching into the first week of January. The journey then proceeds to the postseason, climaxing in the Super Bowl, which takes place in either the first or second week of February.

College Football

Following closely behind in popularity within the United States is college football betting. With 130 teams competing at the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) level, the interest in college football betting has surged alongside the growing legalization of sports betting across numerous states. College football presents a broader spectrum of skill and talent from one team to the next, leading to a wide variation in scores and, consequently, the betting lines that reflect these differences.

Canadian Football League (CFL)

The Canadian Football League (CFL), as suggested by its name, is Canada’s premier professional football league. It frequently becomes a playing field for American college football athletes who haven’t made it into the NFL. It’s important to highlight that the CFL imposes a cap on the number of American players on each team, emphasizing the development of Canadian talent. As of 2023, the league consists of nine teams, divided between four in the East Division and five in the West Division. The CFL boasts a 21-week regular season, usually commencing in early June and culminating with the Grey Cup championship game at the end of October.


The XFL, experiencing a series of starts and stops since its inception in 2001, made a comeback in 2018 and yet another in 2020, continuing to operate with varying levels of success. As of 2023, the league is composed of eight teams distributed across the United States, organized into North and South divisions. The season takes place from February to May, concluding with the XFL Championship Game. The most recent championship was held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

United States Football League (USFL)

The United States Football League (USFL), initially active from 1983 to 1985, marked its return in 2022 with eight teams participating in its revival season. Broadcasted by Fox Sports, the USFL quickly became a notable option for football betting enthusiasts, drawing considerable attention from the betting industry. Launching in April, the league’s unique format saw all eight teams playing their games in Birmingham, AL, for the season, while the playoffs took place in Canton, OH. The season concluded in July, and there are plans in place for the league to proceed into the 2023 season.


What’s the Most Effective Strategy for Football Betting?

Indeed, often the most effective wager is the most uncomplicated one, and opting for the moneyline bet epitomizes simplicity in betting.

What Are the Basics of Betting on Football for Newbies?

Venturing into new territories can be intimidating. The most effective approach to mastering a new skill is to consult a comprehensive resource, like this football betting guide, which offers a deep dive into the industry’s nuances. It covers everything from the various types of bets to the wide range of markets available, providing a thorough education from A to Z.

What Strategies Should You Use for NFL Football Betting?

Wagering on NFL football ranks as one of the most competitive arenas in sports betting and is notably challenging to excel in. The optimal methods for betting on NFL football are through the moneyline or point spread bets, which require only a basic understanding to get started.

Can You Legally Place Bets on NFL Games?

Yes, the legality of NFL betting varies based on your geographical location and is accessible through online platforms, mobile apps, and physical casino sportsbooks.

Which Football Bet Offers the Lowest Risk?

Indeed, it’s important to acknowledge that in the realm of football betting, no bet can be deemed completely safe. However, if one were to consider a relatively safer wager, placing a moneyline bet on a top-ranked college football team, particularly one of the “Blue Bloods” such as Alabama, Georgia, or Ohio State, when they’re up against a less formidable team, could be seen as such. While this approach typically requires a larger initial bet (“laying big juice”), it’s often regarded as one of the more secure bets in football, banking on the superior talent of these elite teams to prevail.

What’s the Simplest Form of Betting in Football?

The simplest form of betting in football is indeed the moneyline (or straight) bet, where the only requirement is to wager on the team you believe will win the game. This type of bet eliminates the complexity of point spreads, focusing solely on the outcome of selecting the winning team outright.

Can You Explain the Process of Betting on Football?

Football betting encompasses a range of methods, with several types of bets to consider. At its most basic, the moneyline bet involves selecting the team you believe will win outright. Following this, the point spread bet adds a layer of complexity by having you predict not only which team will win or lose but also the margin of victory or defeat. The third major type of bet is the over/under, where your wager centers on whether the combined score of both teams will exceed or fall short of a specified total.

Which Football Bets Are Favored by Bettors?

The point spread bet is indeed the most favored form of wagering in football, demanding precision not just in predicting the winning or losing team, but also in forecasting the victory margin. Crucial figures in point spread betting include three, seven, and ten, representing common margins of victory in football games. Additionally, point spreads may include a .5 at the end, a strategy employed to eliminate the possibility of a draw or tie, ensuring there is always a definitive outcome for the bet.

What Techniques Increase Your Chances of Winning a Football Bet?

Securing a win in football betting involves a deep understanding of the teams in question and the odds of the matchup, coupled with obtaining the most favorable spread or total that aligns with your thoroughly researched perspective.


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