Friday, December 8, 2023

PRO 2018 Central American and Caribbean Assignments

PRO are proud to be represented by Kyle Atkins and Brooke Mayo at the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Both assistant referees have been selected as officials for the tournament, fulfilling a number of assignments.

Game 2 (W), Colombia v Venezuela: 7/19/2018
AR2: Brooke Mayo

Game 2 (M), Colombia v Costa Rica: 7/20/2018
AR2: Kyle Atkins

Game 5 (M), Costa Rica v Trinidad and Tobago: 7/22/2018
AR2: Kyle Atkins

Game 6 (W), Colombia v Venezuela: 7/21/2018
AR1: Brooke Mayo

Game 9 (M), Costa Rica v Honduras: 7/24/2018
AR1: Kyle Atkins

Game 13 (W), Mexico v Colombia: 7/27/2018
AR1: Brooke Mayo

Game 14 (M), Colombia v Haiti: 7/28/2018
AR1: Kyle Atkins

Game 16 – Final (W), Costa Rica v Mexico: 7/30/2018
AR2: Brooke Mayo

Game 16 – Final (M), Colombia v Venezuela: 7/31/2018
AR2: Kyle Atkins

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