Saturday, September 30, 2023

2023 SheBelieves Cup

Alexandria Billeter, Chantal Boudreau, Danielle Chesky, Jennifer Garner, Katja Koroleva, Felisha Mariscal, Brooke Mayo, Meghan Mullen, Katy Nesbitt, Alyssa Nichols, Tori Penso and Tiffani Turpin have been representing the Professional Referee Organization at the 2023 SheBelieves Cup in the USA.

They officiated in the following games:

Game 1, Japan vs Brazil (02/16/23)
REF: Tori Penso
AR1: Brooke Mayo
AR2: Meghan Mullen
4TH: Alexandria Billeter

Game 2, USA vs Canada (02/16/23)
4TH: Katja Koroleva

Game 3, USA vs Japan (02/19/23)
4TH: Alyssa Nichols

Game 4, Canada vs Brazil (02/19/23)
REF: Katja Koroleva
AR1: Katy Nesbitt
AR2: Felisha Mariscal
4TH: Danielle Chesky

Game 5, Canada vs Japan (02/22/23)
REF: Danielle Chesky
AR1: Jennifer Garner
AR2: Tiffani Turpin
4TH: Katja Koroleva

Game 6, USA vs Brazil (02/22/23)
AR1: Chantal Boudreau
4TH: Alyssa Nichols

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