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The Definitive Angle

The Definitive Angle: MLS Week 16

The Definitive Angle is PRO’s analysis of the week’s Video Review use in MLS.

Week 16 overview
There were five Video Reviews during Week 16.

ORL vs CLB: Penalty kick

What happened: After review, Orlando #5 [César Araújo] fouled Columbus #8 [Aidan Morris] inside the penalty area before the penalty kick was awarded to Orlando at the other end.

The final decision was penalty [to Columbus Crew] and yellow card to Orlando #5.

Length of Review: 3:16

PRO’s opinion: Araújo (ORL) reached out from behind and grabbed the top of Morris’ (CLB) jersey at the neck area to prevent him from advancing. This hold had a clear impact on the forward progress of Morris and forced him to ground. While the VAR was checking that incident, play continued, and before the VAR could recommend a review, a penalty was awarded to Orlando City for a charging offense. Having determined that this was a foul by Araújo, the VAR recommended a review for a penalty kick to Columbus Crew. The referee rescinded the penalty for Orlando City and awarded a penalty to Columbus Crew, and a yellow card was issued to Araújo for a deliberate holding offense. This was a good use of the Video Review system to reach the correct outcome.

ATL vs LAFC: Red card (DOGSO)

What happened: After review, Atlanta #1 [Brad Guzan] tripped Los Angeles #19 [Mateusz Bogusz] outside the penalty area.

The final decision was a direct free kick [to Los Angeles FC] and a red card to Atlanta #1 for denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity.

Length of review: 3:48

PRO’s opinion: Guzan (ATL) headed the ball outside his penalty area, and it rebounded off the head of Bogusz (LAFC). Bogusz continued forward to get control of the ball with no other defenders in close proximity and an empty goal in front of him. Guzan deliberately moved his leg to trip Bogusz, which denied the LAFC attacker a goal-scoring opportunity.

The four main considerations for a DOGSO red card – direction, defenders, distance, and likelihood of control – were all present in this incident. There is an argument that the speed of the ball was too great; however, had there been no offense, Bogusz would have continued moving toward the ball and most likely caught up with it, which slowed down before leaving the field. Once in control, there was an empty goal to shoot at with no other defenders in a position to defend.

COL vs MIN: Goal

What happened: After review, Minnesota #14 [Tani Oluwaseyi] was onside when Minnesota #8 [Joseph Rosales] took the shot that was saved and rebounded to him to score.

The final decision was goal [to Minnesota United].

Length of Review: 2:54

PRO’s opinion: This was a close offside decision, and the assistant referee raised her flag after the ball was in the net; however, Oluwaseyi (MIN) was onside when Rosales (MIN) had the initial shot. This was a good use of the Video Review system to reach the correct outcome.

POR vs SKC: Goal

What happened: After review, Portland #9 [Felipe Mora] was onside when the ball was passed to him by Portland #14 [Jonathan Rodríguez] in the buildup to the goal by Portland #10 [Evander].

The final decision was goal [to Portland Timbers].

Length of Review: 3:09

PRO’s opinion: Rodríguez (POR) crossed the ball to Mora (POR) who headed the ball to Evander (POR) to score a goal. The assistant referee raised the flag for an offside offense by Mora; however, he was in an onside position and after video review, the referee awarded a goal. This was a good use of the Video Review system to overturn a clear and obvious error.

VAN vs MIA: Penalty kick

What happened: After review, Miami #6 [Tomás Avilés] fouled Vancouver #11 [Fafà Picault] while not challenging for the ball.

The final decision was a penalty kick [to Vancouver Whitecaps].

Length of Review: 2:41

PRO’s opinion: Picault (VAN) was looking to get into position to receive a potential cross when he was unfairly charged by Avilés (MIA) with the shoulder. This was a deliberate action and not part of any challenge for the ball. This was a very good use of the Video Review system to rectify a clear and obvious error for an incident that was not seen by the referee.

Please note: These videos do not contain audio. They are a recording of the screen as viewed by the VAR in real-time.

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