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PRO to lock out MLS match officials after referee union rejects agreement and no strike/no lockout proposal

The Professional Referee Organization (PRO) has been negotiating with the Professional Soccer Referees Association (PSRA) since October 2023 but has yet to conclude a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

A tentative agreement was reached last weekend; however, PSRA members who officiate regularly in Major League Soccer voted this week to reject the deal the PSRA’s bargaining committee had negotiated.

The PSRA also rejected a proposal from PRO for the parties to mutually agree not to institute a strike or lockout through the 2024 MLS Cup while negotiations continue. Consequently, PRO will lock out its match officials, effective at 12am ET on February 18.

The proposed new five-year CBA would have provided significantly improved pay and benefits for all officials, particularly assistant referees and video match officials. The key terms included:

• Overall increases in guaranteed pay in the agreement’s first year: 10-33% for referees, 75-104% for assistant referees, and 15-100% for video match officials, plus increased match fees for regular-season games and playoffs.
• An increase of seven percent in 2027 for all salaries/retainers and match fees – the highest mid-contract raise ever offered – with three percent increases in all other years.
• First/business class air travel for the playoffs and MLS Cup throughout the deal, and for Decision Day in 2027 and 2028.
• Additional benefits include enhanced injury continuance for referees and assistant referees, physical therapy reimbursement for referees and assistant referees in PRO’s sports performance program, employer contributions for assistant referees and video match officials for reimbursable health care costs, and increased severance for referees and assistant referees.

Mark Geiger, PRO’s general manager, said: “Time has been of the essence to conclude a fair deal and move forward together with renewed positivity ahead of our 12th year of supporting the growth of the professional game in the United States and Canada.

“We made meaningful progress during recent bargaining, agreeing to fair pay increases, and addressing many of the PSRA’s concerns with respect to non-economic items. This represented approximately a 25 percent overall increase over 2023 when comparing salary, retainers, game fees, and benefits plus the addition of business class travel for the MLS Cup Playoffs. The result of the membership vote is disappointing.

“The PSRA has rejected a no strike/no lockout proposal from PRO through the 2024 MLS Cup, which, along with their public strike authorization, has created significant risk as the 2024 season begins. We are left with no choice but to institute a lockout and use qualified non-bargaining unit officials so that games can go ahead as scheduled.”

PRO remains committed to reaching an agreement with the PSRA.

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