Thursday, November 30, 2023
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The Definitive Angle: MLS Week of Sept 27

The Definitive Angle is PRO’s analysis of the week’s Video Review use in MLS.

Week of Sept 27 overview
There was one Video Review during the Week of Sept 27 games.

PHI vs DAL: Review for goal (attacker handball) – not given

What happened: A goal was scored by Paul Arriola (DAL) and awarded by the on-field officials.

The VAR analyzed the available angles and determined that the ball that was headed back across goal by Sam Junqua (DAL) had struck Arriola in the arm after it rebounded back to him from Kai Wagner (PHI) before Arriola scored. An on-field review was recommended for no goal due to attacker handball, and after Video Review, the goal was disallowed.

On-field decision: Goal.
Type of review: No goal.
Final decision after review: No goal.
Length of review: 3:30.

PRO’s opinion: Although the touch of the ball was accidental, and Arriola did not make himself unnaturally bigger, under the Laws of the Game, this is a handball offense.

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