Friday, September 22, 2023
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The Definitive Angle: NWSL Week 18

The Definitive Angle is PRO’s analysis of the week’s Video Review use in NWSL.

Week 18 overview
There was one Video Review during Week 18.

CHI vs HOU: Review for goal (offside) – given

What Happened: A goal was scored by Yuki Nagasato (CHI) but was disallowed for offside after a delayed offside flag.

The VAR analyzed the available angles and saw that Nagasato was onside when the ball was played into the area by Casey Krueger (CHI), prior to her scoring.

The VAR recommended an on-field review for no offside, and the referee awarded the goal after Video Review.

On-field decision: Offside.
Type of review: Goal.
Final decision after review: Goal.
Length of review: 2:21.

PRO’s Opinion: This was a good use of the Video Review system to overturn a clear and obvious error.

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