Wednesday, October 4, 2023

PRO Statement: RBNY vs NE

During the MLS match between New York Red Bulls and New England Revolution on July 8, an officiating error was made in the third minute of additional time at the end of the second half when the match officials incorrectly disallowed a goal.

A goal was scored by New England’s Andrew Farrell. New England’s Giacomo Vrioni was standing in an offside position between Farrell and the New York goalkeeper, Carlos Coronel. As the ball came close to New York’s Tom Barlow, he reached out and deflected the ball, causing Coronel to miss the ball as it went into the goal.

The VAR reviewed the angles and did not see the ball deflect and thought the goalkeeper was impacted by Vrioni in the offside position. He, therefore, recommended an on-field review. The referee, who also did not see this deflection, accepted the review and the goal was disallowed.

PRO acknowledges that an error was made, and the goal should have been allowed.

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