2022 MLS Awards: Referee and AR of the Year nominees announced

Major League Soccer has announced the nominees for its annual end-of-year awards. There are 15 different awards with two dedicated to officials: Referee of the Year and Assistant Referee of the Year.

The nominations are:

Referee of the Year:
Allen Chapman (22 MLS games)
Ismail Elfath (16 MLS games)
Armando Villarreal (20 MLS games)

Assistant Referee of the Year:
Ian Anderson (27 MLS games)
Chris Elliott (25 MLS games)
Corey Rockwell (25 MLS games)

Players, media, and technical staff will vote for each category, with each group representing a third of the vote. Voting starts on Friday, September 30 and ends on Monday, October 10 (5PM ET).

Game counts are correct at the conclusion of Week 32.