Saturday, December 2, 2023

A Closer Look: LA vs LAFC – disallowed Latif Blessing goal explained

Latif Blessing’s goal for Los Angeles Football Club was disallowed on Saturday because teammate Mamadou Fall was offside in the buildup.

See how VAR rectified a clear and obvious error (albeit a complex call in real-time) in a critical match situation.

LA vs LAFC: Review for goal (offside in APP) – explained

In addition, had Fall been onside on the initial phase the goal would not have stood because a further offside offense occurred when the ball rebounded to Blessing after LA Galaxy’s Nick DePuy stopped the ball from entering the goal.

Even though DePuy is not a goalkeeper, his actions are still considered a save, which does not negate offside. Blessing committed an offside offense when he gained an advantage when the ball reached him prior to him scoring.

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