Thursday, September 28, 2023
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AR Review: The Final

For the final Week in Review we take a look at, obviously, the final match of the season. There were questions raised concerning the offside decisions made by PRO assistant referees in the MLS Cup Final, especially with Toronto FC’s first goal. We will take a special look at that one and show how the VAR was able to confirm that Jozy Altidore was onside by using of all things…the helicopter camera. With the regular season data showing us that assistants usually dealt with an average of 5-6 offside decisions per match, the Cup Final had three times that.

So for the final time this season, let’s check out how the two assistants performed by looking at nine crucial decisions, some which left certain announcers (TT and SB, for two) unsuccessfully trying to find controversy. For those keeping score at home, AR 1 was Adam Wienckowski and AR 2 was Jeremy Hanson.

Oh, at the end, you will be able to find the answer to last week’s What Should You Do? and the Call of the Playoffs Winner.

First No Offside Decision

Ten minutes in and Toronto
had already created a couple
of scoring opportunities when
Giovinco times a run that puts
him in on goal and he would
have scored if not for the fine
save by Frei.  On the initial
pass Jozy Altidore is in a
clear offside position and
although the ball passes near
him he makes no play on the
ball and does not interfere
with an opponent. A good
example of wait and see by
AR 2.

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