Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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AR Review: Week 28

When is a player offside by two yards when he is actually onside? When the announcer says so, and is even convinced that video review will overturn a goal for this clear infraction. Worth a listen on the clip from Vancouver v Columbus, which is featured this week as one of our choices for Call of the Week. In fact, the three plays selected for Call of the Week have good lessons to be learned as they are good examples of top class decision making.

Two other interesting plays to analyze come from Chicago v DC United. One, which is a confusing offside decisions until you look closely, and a second shows a referee daring to ignore a PRO assistant referee’s flag. How dare he….

How is this Offside?

A rather innocuous play
happened in Chicago, a flag
is raised for offside. No big
deal until you watch the clip
which starts with the
goalkeeper and ends with a
flag on the other half of the
field.  The panoramic view
camera does confirm that
the player in question was in
an offside position when the
ball was last played.  This is
not seen on the video, but
trust me, he was. After careful
consideration and review the
PRO Politburo of Offside
Decisions decided that this was indeed a correct decision. Watch the play, then answer the question, how is this offside? Reply in the comment section at the bottom of the page. The answer next week.

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