Thursday, February 22, 2024
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AR Review: Week 27

 This week we are going to look at two throw in were the assistant referee’s positioning needs to be analyzed. Previously (Week #25) we pointed out the importance of assistant referee’s keeping an eye on the throw in in relation to whether it was taken properly, especially in regards to the feet.

Overall in week #27 assistant referee performed well in all their matches, so we will go directly to Call of the Week #27 for three excellent decisions to choose from.

Throw-In Positioning – New England v Montreal

This throw-in puts the assistant referee in an awkward position since the
ball is further down
field that the second to
last defender. Being in line
with the ball would be the
proper position to be in.
However, it is always
important to consider the
next phase of play, or in
other words, where will be
the next decision that this
assistant will need to
make. His next decision
most likely would be an
offside decision coming from the first touch after the throw-in. Thus he is correct to jump to the second to last defender to be in position for that possible play. In the end this play does not result in any offside situation, however imagine if the first touch is a flick header to a player heading in towards goal, possibly ahead or even with the second to last defender.  The AR would not have time to move from the spot of the throw-in to the STLD and make a decision from good position. Usually proper position says an AR should be with the STLD or the ball whichever is nearest the goal line, in this case choosing the STLD is the better choice.

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