Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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AR Review: Week 25

This week we spotlight a good use of teamwork to identify interfering with an opponent on a free kick. Then we see an assistant referee who does well not to let his guard down when play is stopped for a free kick. We will deal with an accusation (maybe that’s a bit strong of a word) of blame for missing a throw-in that eventually results in a goal. A possible offside infraction to check out and decide if it is offside and when should you raise the flag, if at all. Finally, a difficult choice for you to make on three very good offside decisions for Call of the Week #25.


Early in the Seattle v
Portland rivalry match,
Portland sets up for a free
kick that has all the signs
of a cross being sent in to
the center of the area. AR
Logan Brown notes that
Portland’s Alonso has
taken a clear offside
position before the free
kick is served and makes
sure to inform referee
Mark Geiger thru the
communication system.
At this point there is nothing
“illegal” in him being in that
position and this tactic is not the same as the “wall behind the wall” offside position that occurred last season, which was meant to interfere with the goalkeeper.  In this situation he is not interfering with the goalkeeper’s vision and so an immediate whistle at the taking of the free kick would be incorrect.  The referee needs to wait to see if an actual offside offense occurs.

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