Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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AR Review: Week 21

Although we are slightly past the actual midway point of the year, the All Star break is really seen as the mid-season mark. If you have been following the news (which of course you are) teams have been signing new players for their push to the playoffs. Add the implementation of VARs and it really feels like it is the start of a new season. Looking at last week’s matches there are several decisions to discuss.  The one that created the most buzz was the Houston v Portland interfering with an opponent decision. Also, there were two possible deliberate play incidents and an off-the-ball misconduct spotted by the assistant referee.

You will note that I have added a VR (video review) note to each video clip presented this week.

Interfering with an Opponent

Easily the most talk about
play of the week was this
situation in Houston v
Portland, where Portland’s
Adi interferes with
Houston’s Leonardo by
blocking him from getting
into a defensive position.
Paul Rejer, PRO Director
of Training and Education,
has written about it with
an emphasis of the Law
here in PRO’s Play of the
 For this report we
will take a different
perspective and try to see
if we can improve on the
AR mechanics.

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