Sunday, September 24, 2023
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AR Review: Week 20

One of our initiative this year was to increase the overall work rate during dynamic play, with additional emphasis on play near the penalty area.  From MLS Week 20 we have examples of both good high level work rate and some that are not were we want to be.  We are looking at two examples of where a little more effort may have changed a decision and another where nothing happened, but was the AR in position if there was a decision to be made?
A controversial decision in NYFC turns out to be correct, but could it be done without the controversy?
Finally, the answer to What Should You Do and Call of the Week.

When You Feel Something Is Wrong

This goal in NYFC v Toronto
was called back for offside,
we liked that, because in the
end the result was correct.
However the procedure
wasn’t as good as it could be
and the confusion most
likely contributed to the
sending off of the Toronto
head coach mere seconds
after the restart.

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