Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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AR Review: Week 17

Week 17 of MLS was rivalry week and so a mass confrontation was probably inevitable. So as good a time as any to review proper procedures.
Teamwork and communication among the referee crew is still something we continually need to improve on, so we look at two situations one in Chicago and one in New York.
Last week’s What Should You Do? generated some good discussion from the few of you that had the courage to include your comments. We have an answer that may not satisfy all of you, but it comes from the top.

Ye Ole Triangle of Control

Houston vs FC Dallas presents us
with a good opportunity to review
some old instructions on dealing
with mass confrontation, which
are still valid. Paul Rejer, PRO
Director of Training and
Education, has already written
about this situation from the
Houston and FC Dallas rivalry
match on the PRO website.

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