Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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AR Review: Week 16

It is not often that we need to talk about what to do while waiting for a simple throw-in, but the wide angle camera captured an incident in Orlando that none of the crew saw. Was the outcome correct? This week we also need to look at a missed offside due to movement to the left near the penalty area, fortunately it only resulted in a corner kick. Finally we go to the NASL for an interesting decision, is it offside or handball? What should you do?

PRO ARs CJ Morgante and Joe Fletcher are in Russia for the FIFA Confederations Cup and performed very well in their first match – Australia vs Germany. CJ ended up with the busy side of the pitch and if you can find a replay watch the 4 world class decisions he makes at 23, 28, 33 and 40th minute (Joe had the quiet side, but still looked good).

Movement to the Left

On this clip we had to freeze
the clip a few frames past
the actual pass because the
broadcast feed missed that
moment (insert sarcastic
comment here). However,
you can still see that the
attacker who receives the
ball is in offside position and
will eventually interfere with
play. (Nice save, though).

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