Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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AR Review: Week 14

All PRO assistant referees are reporting to training camp in Denver, Colorado for Week #15 since there are only 3 matches on the schedule.

This past week saw the use of good procedure between referee and assistant in the determination of interfering with play. Two different goal line decisions. Could the assistant have seen that the ball has crossed the line?  A new offside situation for you to weigh in on, what should you do?

Offside Puzzle In Montreal

In Montreal the opening goal
was deemed offside, but
created some confusion
since the assistant’s flag was
not immediately raised. The
correct procedure was used.
Since the AR was only able
to determine that there was
an attacker in an offside
position in front of the
goalkeeper and he wasn’t
able to tell if the ball has
actually been touched by
that attacker or if he has
interfered with the
goalkeeper, he stands his
ground. The referee then adds his piece of the puzzle, that the player had interfered. Once the referee confirms that the attacker has committed an offside offence, it is good practice for the AR to raise his flag to indicate offside.  This helps players, technical staff and fans understand what decision the referee crew has made. You can read more about this play on here on the website where PRO Training & Development Manager Paul Rejer also comments on it.

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