Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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AR Review: Week 12

Usually, its not worth getting annoyed at the announcers of MLS matches, but this one got under my skin. Listen to the announcer in NY Red Bulls v Toronto as he erroneously states that the referees had made a mistake calling offside on Toronto’s potentially game winning goal. Then, after seeing multiple replays, realizes that Toronto had a player in offside position who clearly interfered with an opponent, so he reverses himself (props for that) and states that it is the correct call. Finally, to add one more layer of unintentional insult, congratulates the -“good camerawork”- on the play. Yes, it was just that, the “good camerawork” between AR 2 Claudiu Badea and referee Robert Sibiga that got that play right without multiple replays.

With that in mind, we are going to highlight all the “good camerawork” that happened in several MLS matches this week. We will compare two boundary line decisions to determine what is the best practice for assistants. Answer last week’s question “What Would You Do? (only half of you got it right). An offside situation that needs your comments, should there been a flag? And this week’s Call of the Week #12 has four super fine decisions that each on their own would normally be hands down winners. Good luck trying to pick the best.

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