Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Assistant Referee ReviewEducation

AR Review: Week 10

This week we feature a decision on handling flagged by the assistant referee. Was it really handling and should he have left this call up to the referee? We are asking for your vote and comments so that we can all get a good understanding of what is a deliberate handball.

Also, Seattle v Toronto produced a classic offside situation that is a good educational review of what it means to make a clear impact on an opponent.

Finally, with VAR coming to MLS in August, we are asking for your commentary on a crazy offside situation that happened in Australia’s A-league semi-final, where VAR and the AR created controversy. What is the correct procedure for the AR to use in cases like this, with or without VAR in play?

Hand Ball in Philadelphia?

What constitutes a deliberate
handball can be a difficult
decision to make, especially
in dynamic play. In
Philadelphia, PRO AR
Jonathan Johnson flags for an
apparent handball. Was this
correct? (Answer next week)

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