Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Assistant Referee ReviewEducation

AR Review: Week 9

As we go into the tenth week of the season it is important to stay sharp and not forget to take care of the details. Have you noticed yourself doing any of these minor imperfections that can lead to loss of focus and concentration?

  • Not activating before the match and second half
  • Flag in wrong hand
  • Moving while signaling
  • Not holding position after flag for offside until ball is placed
  • Not keeping track of misconduct in the match
  • Moving slowly to the left
  • Walking to regain position after signaling
  • Standing flat footed
  • After ball has been placed for goal kick, jogging casually (instead of a nice run) to STLD
  • Do you look like your “ready”

The point of all these is that they help you stay focused and concentrated during the whole match so that you will be ready for the big decision when it comes. Letting minor details like these creep into your game will eventually catch up with you. Stay sharp.

Fine Tuning- Assisting the Referee

When the AR assist the referee by flagging a foul, it needs to be clear and expected. It also needs to be raised understanding the context of the match. Is this foul needed right now? Should I give the referee a flag or should I communicate first in case he wants some discretion in deciding? Does the game expect/need my flag?

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