Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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AR Review: Week 8

Week in Review comes from Panama and the CONCACAF U-17 Championship, where PRO assistant referees, Richard Gamache and Ian Anderson have represented PRO very well in the 5 matches they have worked so far. PRO also provided Greg Barkey as instructor and Alex Prus as assessor.

This week in MLS we had some excellent decision that I want to point out for the amount of concentration and focus that was needed. They look easy to the untrained eye, but PRO assistant referees handle these type of decisions every week. NASL has produced a highlight to look at this week as the NY Cosmos tried to pull off the old trick corner kick play and in the same match we will give the same AR some props for good movement to the left, which serves as a good reminder for all of us.

Finally, from Panama with love, an offside clip to vote on. Be careful. Look at it closely before committing to your decision and leave a comment of why you made your choice. Is there interfering with an opponent?

Focus and Concentration

Emphasis this year was on work rate and concentration with the play in the penalty area and it paid off this weekend on four occasions. There is a fifth situation, but it did happen away from the penalty area, so we can classify that one as just great focus and concentration.

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