Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Assistant Referee ReviewEducation

AR Review: Week 7

More on teamwork this week — and there will probably wont be a break from that topic as a weekly trend for a while. We have examples of great, good and poor teamwork, so we need to look at why some were better than others.

There will also be a spotlight shown on two offside decisions where the effort and skill of getting in proper position made for correct decisions.

Finally, check out the offside situation from Portland and Sporting Kansas City at the bottom of the page. Was the assistant correct to raise his flag or was this a deliberate play?  Vote your opinion and leave the reason why in the comment section.

Teamwork and Assisting the Referee

We will start with the poor example
of teamwork, so that we can end on
a positive note.

POOR: 34th minute in Chicago with
the score tied at zero, AR2 has
spotted a simple foul that he decides
to flag. He can be fully concentrated
on the contact between the players
because he has no offside or
boundary line decision to make. He
can and should raise his flag because
he has a more credible position,
better angle and is closer than the
referee. When the referee overrules
the AR and gives a throw in to the
other team, the players are confused as the best position official has made a decision, that is not supported with a whistle.

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