Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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AR Review: Week 6

Congratulations to Ian Anderson for breaking the record for a PRO assistant referee to have refereed the Most Matches in Snow in the Same Season.** Having worked all snow games so far this season, we all stand in awe of this achievement.

The games will heat up soon enough.

Another good week (zero KMI errors) is highlighted by assistance on a penalty kick decision, unusual because both assistants contributed, also, the importance of concentration for 90+ minutes and we have an answer from FIFA concerning the offside “ducking” incident from last week’s Houston v NY Red Bulls match.

Don’t miss viewing the offside call made in Real Salt Lake v Vancouver that had some strange distractions that had to be overcome to make it a candidate for Call of the Week #6.

** Fotis Bazakos also broke the record for 4th Official MMISSS.

Penalty Kick Assistance in Philadelphia

As seems often the case,
PRO Training &
Development Manager
Paul Rejer has spotted
good work by an assistant
referee and then written
about it on the PRO
website’s Play of the Week,
stealing the thunder from
this site. You can read it here.
The point of repeating it is to
additionally point out that
both ARs (and fourth)
contribute to make sure that
the team doesn’t commit an
error in application of the

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