Friday, September 22, 2023
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AR Review: Week 3

This week we are going to examine how we can improve teamwork with the referees. Hopefully, the referees will read it and take it to heart. It is definitely something to bring up in your next pregame.

Your opinion is requested on two somewhat similar offside decisions where the assistant did not raise their flag. Should they have?

Finally, a look at a time in the match when assistants need to increase their level of concentration.

Key Players Making Unexpected Passes

Look at the two plays below which feature a unexpected pass from a key player. In NYFC’s case it is Pirlo, who unexpectedly puts a thru ball to Villa that may have even surprised the Spaniard. Fortunately, PRO AR Nesbitt had not let her guard down and correctly raised the flag.

The second play sees Asad find Martinez with a pass that splits the defense. A good decision to keep the flag down.
The point of these two plays is to raise your concentration when the ball is at the feet of players that have the vision and ability to pick out players in the attacking zone.

NYFC – Pirlo

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