Friday, September 29, 2023
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AR Review: Week 2

It was a bit chilly in Minnesota but that did not stop excellent performances by PRO assistant referees. In the warmer parts of the country it was also another good week. Hopefully that’s the end of the snow and the orange ball for this season.

This week we highlight some very good offside decisions and will get nit picky on flag technique, ask for faster movement on the line and look at a boundary line call.

Chicago v Real Salt Lake – Offside Flag Correctly Waved Down

The most viewed and talked
about decision was made in
Chicago when referee Kevin
Stott spots the defender’s
touch on what looked like a
clear offside situation. PRO
Development and Training
Manager Paul Rejer analyzed
this decision from the
referee’s perspective and you
can read it here

Read more: Click here to see
the full article


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