Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Play of the Week 12: Simulation

Week 12’s PRO Play of the Week takes a close look at simulation.

“Simulation is just another word for diving or cheating,” commented PRO Training & Development Manager Paul Rejer. “Referees have a tough enough job as it is, without cheats making even more difficult. Fortunately our referees were wise to this despicable act last weekend and acted accordingly by issuing yellow cards to the divers.”

“Firstly in the Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Seattle Sounders game @ 40:21, Whitecaps  Gershon Koffie, knowing he has played the ball too far, dives over Sounders keeper Stefan Frei in an effort to con the referee into awarding a PK. Referee Ismail Elfath immediately reaches for his yellow card and justice is served.”

Rejer continued: “In the Columbus Crew vs. Chicago Fire game @ 56:22, Quincy Amarikwa of Chicago plays the ball past Crew defender Eric Gehrig, sees his outstretched leg and without any contact at all dives theatrically to the ground.

“He quickly gets to his feet and continues to pursue the ball which could suggest that his intention was not to deceive the referee; however referee Fotis Bazakos has a clear view of the simulation and quickly reaches for his yellow card.

“Amarikwa argues that he got back up but he had no need to go down in such fashion in the first place and deserves his punishment.”

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