Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Play of the week: NE vs CLB

This week’s Play of the week features the award of a Penalty Kick in the game between New England Revolution and Columbus Crew.

This call highlights assistant refereeing of the highest order when AR Sean Hurd signals for a PK to Revolution.

PRO Training & Development Manager Paul Rejer explained: “One of the primary duties of an AR is to assist the referee.

“Law 6 (The Assistant Referees) says: ‘Indicate when offences have been committed whenever the assistant referees have a better view than the referee (this includes, in certain circumstances, offences committed in the penalty area).’

“In this play, New England’s Andy Dorman is fouled by Tony Tchani of Columbus Crew. It is apparent that referee, Mark Geiger’s view is blocked by players. However, AR Sean displays all the attributes required to be a top assistant referee at the very highest level.

“Firstly, after observing the foul, he assesses the situation and does not rush in with a hasty flag. He engages in eye contact with the referee and this is important as he can see that the referee is in need of assistance.

“Finally, he signals the call with the use of his flag; this is valuable communication as he is taking responsibility for his decision.

“This is effective teamwork and demonstrates the value of match officials working together regularly in a team. This crew have worked together on numerous occasions and are deservedly on the shortlist for the World Cup Finals next year.

“Mark Geiger had total faith in Sean Hurd’s input and had no hesitation in accepting his decision.

“The following ‘C’ words are vital in Sean’s actions:

– Clear view
– Concentration
– Cooperation
– Confidence
– Courage

“There are opportune situations in every game which, if acted upon correctly, not only provide the referee with valuable assistance but also earn the respect from the players, managers and spectators for the role. This was the certainly the case in this play.”

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