Play of the week: HOU vs SKC

This week’s Play of the week with Training & Development Manager Paul Rejer is taken from Houston Dynamo versus Sporting Kansas City.

In this incident, Houston’s Bobby Boswell and SKC’s Dom Dwyer confront each other as the referee, Armando Villarreal, awards a goal kick.

Paul explained: “When Dom Dwyer dramatically falls to ground, there is the potential of escalating misconduct.

“The reaction of Armando Villarreal bears all the hallmarks of effective refereeing at the highest level.

“He shows great awareness when awarding a goal kick as he is alert to the potential of a confrontation between the two players.

“He demonstrates great anticipation by quickly moving from his natural position to the vicinity of the two players.

“His calm, confident body language and presence is preventative as it successfully diffuses any adverse reaction – pro-active management at the highest level.”