Friday, September 29, 2023
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Play of the week: SKC vs HOU

In week 13’s Play of the week, PRO Training & Development Manager Paul Rejer examines the teamwork used by PRO officials.

During the Sporting Kansas City versus Houston Dynamo match, referee Drew Fischer awarded a PK to Houston, which was eventually overturned after some teamwork between the officials at the match.

Paul explained: “During a game of soccer, there are three teams involved – the two  clubs and the match officials.

“At PRO we are encouraging a team ethic between our officials. Referees cannot work in isolation and they have to empower their ARs and fourth official to give them the authority and the confidence to assist at all times.

“This was highlighted in this week’s Play of the week, which came at Sporting Kansas City versus Houston Dynamo, when referee Drew Fischer awarded a PK to Houston Dynamo for what he believed was a foul challenge by Oriol Rosell of Kansas on Brad Davis of Houston.

“His team of match officials immediately informed him that he was incorrect. Instead of immediately changing his decision, which would have lacked credibility, Drew wisely decided to have face-to-face dialogue with his nearest AR, Kevin Duliba.

“This was done for various reasons, but mainly to give himself that valuable thinking time, to allow the players to calm down, and also to gauge how confident Kevin was with his thoughts. It was important at this stage that Kevin was positive and decisive when providing Drew with advice.

“Finally the correct decision was made, and it was all due to teamwork. I am sure that Drew would have preferred to make the correct call in the first place but he will appreciate the fact that his teammates assisted him in eventually making the right decision.

“Remember, there are three teams on a soccer pitch at all times, and solid teamwork is as important to the refereeing crew as it is to the competing clubs.”

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