Friday, December 1, 2023
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Play of the week: SEA vs DAL

In week 12’s Play of the week, PRO Training & Development Manager Paul Rejer provides a good example of where the change of law to give 4th Officials the power to assist the referee with on field incidents has been beneficial.

At the Seattle versus Dallas game, Blas Perez of Dallas is clearly guilty of Serious Foul Play when his arm makes contact with Leonardo Gonzalez of Seattle’s face, causing extensive bleeding.

Paul explained: “Referee Mark Geiger, despite being well positioned does not see the offense, however 4th Official Baldomero Toledo does witness the Serious Foul Play and is able to inform the referee to enable him to make the correct decision and send off Perez.

“This incident also demonstrates another change in law in recent years with the word ‘intent’ being removed from the Laws of the Game. Therefore referees have to consider the consequences rather than any intent.

“In this case it is doubtful that there was any intent to harm his opponent, unfortunately due to his arm being raised in an aerial challenge, he is running the risk of endangering the safety of an opponent and the consequences are a potentially serious injury to Gonzalez.”

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