Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Play of the week: SKC vs CHV and LA vs HOU

PRO Training & Development Manager Paul Rejer reflects on two pivotal DOGSO cases in week 10’s Play of the week.

The examples used by Paul are from the Sporting Kansas City game against Chivas USA and LA Galaxy’s match with Houston Dynamo.

He said: “The law states that the criteria a referee must consider in cases of Denial of Goal Scoring Opportunities once he has decided that a foul challenge has taken place are;

1. The distance between the offense and the goal
2. The likelihood of the attacker keeping or gaining control of the ball
3. The direction of the play
4. The location and number of defenders

“In the Sporting Kansas City against Chivas USA game, Chivas keeper Dan Kennedy clips Paulo Nagamura and, as the offense meets all of the above criteria, referee Baldomero Toledo correctly sends off Kennedy.

“However, in the LA Galaxy versus Houston Dynamo game, Houston’s Tally Hall fouls Galaxy’s Jose Villarreal and referee Allen Chapman awards just a PK, which is correct. He considers the law criteria, where only points one and two are met. Criteria three and four do not apply, as Villarreal is moving away from goal and there are two defenders who would have been covering had he gained possession of the ball.

“It is understandable that comparisons will be made between the two offenses, especially as they occurred on the same day. On this occasion, both referees made correct calls if you follow the above guidelines highlighted in FIFA’s Laws of the Game.

“The first offense matches all of the criteria of law, while the second offense matches two of the four requirements.”

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