Friday, September 29, 2023

2020 in Numbers

A numerical overview of the last 12 months from a PRO perspective:

0 – Postponed MLS matches due to PRO officials that tested positive for COVID-19.

0.16 – Average number of red cards issued per game during the MLS regular season.

0.31 – Average number of Video Reviews per game during the MLS regular season, down from 0.37 in 2019.

0.4 – Percentage of positive COVID-19 tests for officials in MLS.

3.76 – Average number of yellow cards issued per game during the MLS regular season.

4.8 – Average number of Video Review checks per game.

8 – The average time taken to complete a Video Review was down by eight seconds from 2019, and the lowest since its introduction in MLS in 2017 (2 minutes and 4 seconds from the incident to the end of Video Review process at the pitch-side monitor).

12 – The number of female officials assigned to MLS games in 2020 was four times more than in 2019.

14 – Number of PRO2 officials who made their MLS debuts in 2020 (five referees and nine assistant referees).

16 Joe Dickerson, Ismail Elfath, Jair Marrufo, and Armando Villarreal each took charge of 16 MLS regular-season games – the highest tally for referees in 2020.

21Jeremy Hanson flagged more MLS regular-season games than any other assistant referee, completing 21 assignments.

44 – Number of PRO officials at MLS is Back Tournament in Orlando.

80 – Number of assignments for female officials in MLS in 2020, up from 31 in 2019.

90 – The combined number of referees and assistant referees assigned to MLS games during the In-Market Return-To-Play.

96 – The percentage of goals scored in MLS which saw no Video Review intervention after being checked by the VAR – every reason to suggest it is safe to celebrate a goal in the moment with little chance of it being disallowed.

98.6 – Percentage of Key Match Incidents final outcomes that were correct in 2020, including goals, penalties, red card situations, and other key offside calls in the case of assistant referees – the highest since the introduction of Video Review in MLS.

99.7 – The percentage of time goals in MLS are scored fairly after the Video Review process.

161 – The total number of officials in the PRO2 roster who are primarily assigned to games in NWSL, USL Championship and USL League 1.

2,030 – Total number of assignments across MLS competitions.

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