Sunday, October 1, 2023
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AR Review: Week 29

This week we have a special look at the interfering with an opponent decision from Minnesota and three offside flags that coincided with fouls.  In two of these sequences the offside decision was the correct re-start and in the other one the foul negated the offside.  Were all three correct decision and was the law applied correctly?
The answers to the Why was this Offside? and What Would You Do? from last week and two gems of offside decisions, with only one to be crowned as Call of the Week #29.

Interfering with an Opponent – Minnesota v FC Dallas

This does not happen very often, so it
is worth highlighting this week,
interfering with an opponent by
blocking their movement. In
Minnesota v FC Dallas an attacker has
moved into an offside position behind
the goalkeeper thru dynamic play and
at the moment the shot is taken he
blocks the keeper’s movement,
probably unintentionally, but that is
not a consideration.  The
consideration is that he has interfered
from an offside position at the
moment the shot was made. This is

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