Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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AR Review: Week 13

Keeping your eyes on play behind the referee’s is one of the more difficult task assistant referees do. This week there were several incidents that occurred out of the view of the referee.  Could or should these have been spotted by the AR? Should the trailing AR been able to help? Regardless it is important that assistants recognize certain fouls as serious foul play or violent conduct and get that information to the referee.

This week we will look at two incidents that went either unpunished or under punished and should there have been involvement by the assistants. A quick look at indecisiveness that could be avoided with different flag technique. Finally, an interesting offside situation for you to analyze and vote on.

Behind the Referee’s Back

We will start in Atlanta
where NY Football Club’s
#27 kicks Atlanta’s #4
away from the ball as they
both try to get into good
positions for an attack.
The referee’s focus is on
the ball and there is
potential offside situation
that AR 1 needs to
concentrate on. The foul
(violent conduct) occurs in
the general area of the
possible offside situation so
it is quite possible that AR 1
has gotten a glimpse of
what happened but doesn’t raise the flag because he isn’t sure. This is not a time to guess as to what happened, to raise the flag you need to be 100% sure you saw the incident correctly.

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