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PRO 2014 World Cup assignments

Four officials from the Professional Referee Organization represented the United States and Canada at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Here, we kept across the assignments of refereeing crew Mark Geiger, Sean Hurd and Joe Fletcher, as well as reserve AR Eric Boria.

Geiger, Hurd and Fletcher

Match 53: France vs. Nigeria, Round of 16, Brasilia, June 30 (12:00pm ET).

Match 19: Spain vs. Chile, Group B, Rio de Janeiro, June 18 (3:00pm ET).

Match 5: Colombia vs. Greece, Group C, Belo Horizonte, June 14 (12:00pm ET).

Geiger and Hurd

Match 61; Brazil vs. Germany, semi-final, Belo Horizonte, July 8 (4:00pm ET) – Geiger as 4th official, Hurd as reserve AR.

Match 39: Italy vs. Uruguay, Group D, Natal, June 24 (12:00pm ET) – Geiger as 4th official, Hurd as reserve AR.


Match 37: Japan vs. Colombia, Group C, Cuiaba, June 24 (4:00pm ET).

Match 28: Nigeria vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Group F, Cuiaba, June 21 (6:00pm ET).

Match 16: Russia vs. South Korea, Group H, Cuiaba, June 17 (6:00pm ET).

Match 4: Chile vs. Australia, Group B, Cuiaba, June 13 (6:00pm ET).

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