Friday, December 8, 2023
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Play of the week: CHV vs LA

Week 17’s Play of the week sees PRO Training & Development Manager Paul Rejer look at Robbie Rogers’ disallowed goal for LA Galaxy.

The incident occurred just after the half-hour mark in the Chivas USA versus LA Galaxy match when Robbie Keane, who was in an offside position, was adjudged to be obstructing the line of vision of Chivas keeper Dan Kennedy.

Paul explained: “Before an AR raises his flag for offside he has to consider the three definitions in the Laws of the Game which stipulate what constitutes an offside offense. The three definitions are;

1.    Interfering with play
2.    Interfering with an opponent
3.    Gaining an advantage from being in that position

“In this particular instance, definition two – interfering with an opponent – applies. The part of law which is relevant in this case actually states that ‘interfering with an opponent means preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision’.

“Interfering with an opponent is the most difficult call an AR has to make, particularly when it involves obstructing the opponent’s line of vision, as the AR from his prescribed position has no perception of depth to judge the player’s position in relation to the goalkeeper.

“This is why in these cases it is necessary for the AR to have dialogue with the referee as the AR knows the player is in an offside position and the referee has a superior peripheral viewing angle of the offside player in relation to the goalkeeper.

“When they have dialogue it is like putting two pieces of a jigsaw together to arrive at the correct conclusion. That is why referee Hilario Grajeda conversed with AR Frank Anderson and between them made the correct call – perfect teamwork.”

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